Infrared ear / Forehead Thermometer

Item : PG-IRT1603
name : Infrared ear / Forehead Thermometer

Infrared / forehead / ear / object thermometer Ideal for quickly detecting high body temperature. 3 in 1 infrared thermometer: forehead / ear / object mode. Product name: Infrared Forehead / ear thermometer Model No .: PG-IRT1603 Product dimensions. : 31x175x72mm Product weight. : 77g Body temperature: 93.2F - 107.9F (34.0C - 43.0C). Temperature of an object: 32.0f - 199.7F (0C - 93.2C). Resolutions report: 0.1F / C. Accuracy: (95.0F - 107.9F) +/- 0.4F (35.0C - 42.0C) +/- 0.2C



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